How To:

How to Have a Wonderful Worship Experience
This Guide explains the beauty and simplicity of beginning a church in a home. It provides a step-by-step procedure for an effective Bible study and worship experience. Every person who desires to worship in a home setting should read this Guide.
How to Keep your Home Church Group Vibrant!
This Guide encourages the value of each and every person in your congregation. It explains how to include every participant from preschoolers to seniors in worship and how to ensure spiritual growth and joyous fellowship within the church.
How to Include and Teach Children in the Home Church
The importance of children in our church means that we must provide for their spiritual growth as much as possible. The home church offers an active role for everyone, regardless of age. This article explains to all church participants ways to include preschoolers, children, and teens in the worship experiences and activities of the congregation.
How to Meet Developmental Needs of Children in the Home Church
Adults must understand how the mental and physical age of a child or youth determines the way that he or she learns, understands, and matures spiritually. In this sense, children indeed learn in different ways than do adults. This article provides guidance to parents and all adult church participants in how to meet the needs of the preschoolers, children, and youth whom God has placed in their care as a church family.
How to Download and Distribute the Weekly Guide
A person chosen by your church should be designated to download and distribute the weekly sessions well ahead of time. This Guide explains the procedure for the timely distribution of the material and to whom.
How to Use the Bible Teaching and Worship Guide
This Guide provides a brief summary introduction to using the weekly HCO Bible Teaching and Worship Guides. Copy the content and make it available to every potential leader who may lead one or more of the session parts.
How to: Lead the Gathering Time
This Guide helps the Gathering Time leader to understand the purpose and importance of the Gathering Time and how it leads the church into the Bible study and worship experience. Every person who will lead the Gathering Time should have access to a copy of this Guide.
How to Lead the Bible Study Time
This guide will help the Bible Study Time leader to understand the interactive method used to guide the congregation in interpreting God's Word as it relates to the scriptures and theme for the week. It will describe the methods used for preparing the teacher to lead the session. It will also help the leader to guide the study itself and conclude in a way that will prepare the group for a worship experience leading to a commitment to God's will in regard to the scriptures studied.
How to Lead the Worship Time
This guide provides each potential Worship Time leader with help in understanding the purpose and importance of the time given to worship each week. It explains how the worship experience in a home church leads the congregation, individually and as a group, to consider God's plan and will for each week's scriptures and theme. It also suggests effective ways to conclude the meeting so that worship is carried forth into the homes and lives of the congregation during the week.
How to Use Music and Singing Effectively
On special occasions, music—sung, watched live or on video, listened to on recordings, or played on musical instruments may comprise the focus of a home church worship experience. However, normally music will serve to lead your church into a deeper and more effective worship experience that uses other senses and methods to bring your congregation before God.
How to Study and Navigate the Bible
This important and practical Guide shares a method for persons with no experience in reading the Bible to learn how to find things in the Bible and to use those tools in helping to understand how the Bible is organized. These skills, in turn, give a person a better ability to study the Bible with purpose and direction. Following the method will greatly reduce the stress and embarrassment of being in a Bible study group and not knowing how to locate the scriptures presented. Every youth and adult participating in the church will benefit from this plan, regardless of his or her present ability to navagate God's Word.
How to Explain your Christian Beliefs
Every member of your church should have a copy of this Guide. The church should lead each member to study the contents and follow the suggestions for learning basic Christian beliefs (doctrines). From this teaching, every member should be encouraged to express in his or her own words what they believe. The Guide will also serve to help pre-Christians know more of God and His teachings through the Bible. It should generate considerable discussion among the congregation.
How to Prepare a Brief Testimony to Share with a Pre-Christian
This Guide will encourage followers of Christ to prepare to share what Christ has done and is doing in their lives with those who do not yet know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.
How to Lead Services for Special Occasions
This Guide presents opportunities and suggestions for creative worship experiences during special occasions and celebrations. It encourages your church leadership to take advantage of special events and days to develop unique services which may become the future traditions of your church and other future churches in your network and fellowship of congregations.
How to Learn from the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ
Learning how to accurately and effectively teach the Bible to others comprises one of the most essential elements of Christian living. Jesus taught with perfect accuracy and effectiveness. Studying the Master Teacher, Jesus, provides us with the finest instruction in all the world on how to teach others. This Guide provides direction on how to find an excellent course to teach your church on the subject of Jesus as the Master Teacher.
How to Manage Copyright Information
This Guide shares some of the most critical guidelines for obeying copyright laws as they pertain to copying scripture from many versions and commonly used sources. It also offers practical advice regarding the copying and distribution of music. Internet and third party sources of scripture and music are emphasized.