How to Lead Services for Special Occasions

This Guide presents opportunities and suggestions for creative worship experiences during special occasions and celebrations. It encourages your church leadership to take advantage of special events and days to develop unique services which may become the future traditions of your church and other future churches in your network and fellowship of congregations.

Nothing makes worshipping together more special than preparing for and then participating in services for special occasions. Some possibilities may be:

Times of special thanksgiving
Celebrations of new births or weddings
Times to share the Lord’s Supper
Even graduations, marriage or church anniversaries, etc.

The following HCO session guides serve well as guides for some special worship services. A church may decide to postpone using a particular guide until a special service related to that theme is held by the congregation.

The Lord’s Supper (Communion)
q2 u3 s12
q5 u1 s12

q5 u1 s04
q5 u1 s12

q6 u1 s01

q2 u3 s13 (for the week before Easter, Palm Sunday)
q2 u3 s14 (for Easter)

q1 u1 s05

q1 u3 s13
q3 u1 s01
q5 u1 s07
q6 u3 s05
q6 u6 s13
q3 u3 s10

Anytime a church celebrates a special occasion in worship is an opportunity to do it in a different and unique way. Read other “How To” guides for suggestions in celebrating Advent, Christmas, and Easter. Those occasions, plus the others listed above, give the church possibilities for forming traditions that the congregation return to in love over and over again. Be creative. What may seem remarkably different the first time may come to be a beloved and exciting standard for the church before you know it. Often, such special services pass on to new churches that your congregation births. A whole network of churches with the same tradition may eventually develop.

Your church may choose to postpone using the HCO Bible Teaching and Worship Guide when you hold a special occasion service. Do not be afraid to plan a complete and distinct experience for that day. You can always return to the Guides at a later time.