How to Keep your Home Church Group Vibrant!

This Guide encourages the value of each and every person in your congregation. It explains how to include every participant from preschoolers to seniors in worship and how to ensure spiritual growth and joyous fellowship within the church.

1. Value each person regardless of age, personality, spiritual maturity, or anything else.

2. Give each person tasks that fit abilities and spiritual gifts. (Consider potential abilities and gifts). We are all “in training”.

3. No one person should dominate a discussion. Leaders may need to lovingly “pull in” a too dominant member.

4. Encourage one another with compliments when appropriate.

5. Pray for one another, daily. Make a personal prayer list. The person you forget may be the one who really needs prayer that day.

6. Include persons of all ages in every aspect possible of the church.

7. Forgive offences. Christ’s admonition to us is truly crucial in a small, family home church.

8. Lead by sacrificial example. Then, give God the glory when others exceed your abilities.

9. Allow others to learn by doing. Simply watching someone who is good at something may not be enough to be able to do it. Encourage people to try things like leading a session part, a ministry, or an activity.

10. Constantly remember that all members are of equal value in Christ’s church. Non-members and those who are yet to know Christ as Saviour are to be loved, respected, and cared for by the church members. God has entrusted them to you.