How to Download and Distribute the Weekly Guide

A person chosen by your church should be designated to download and distribute the weekly sessions well ahead of time. This Guide explains the procedure for the timely distribution of the material and to whom.

Home Church Online designed the Guide to provide a simple yet meaningful way for a lay-led, home-based church to study God’s Word systematically and worship the Lord every week with a sense of spiritual joy and fulfillment in the presence of God and your church famil

1. Download the summary list for all the sessions. Remembering special services and days (see “How to Plan for Special Days”), select dates for using each session as far in advance as is appropriate for your group. Write those dates on the summary sheets. Note: Most home churches enjoy being very flexible with their schedule – so a month may be a long-term plan for those churches.

2. Ask someone to download and print a copy of the appropriate session more than a week in advance for distributing it to the three principal leaders for that week. You will probably want to distribute the session at the meeting one week before it is to be used.

Print three copies of the first three pages – down through the suggested music sources. Each leader will need that information to plan their parts.

Also, ensure that sufficient copies are printed as instructions indicate of any supplemental material found at the end of some sessions. These may be scriptures, poems, hymns, or other items to be used in special ways by selected members of your congregation.

3. Divide the printed copies into the three parts of the service: Gathering Time, Bible Study, and Worship. Add the instructional sheets mentioned above to each section, and distribute them to each leader for that coming session.

4. Good suggestion: Always stay at least another extra week ahead (ie: two weeks or more until usage) so that if your computer has problems or you encounter an emergency of some kind, the material will still be available for distribution to the selected leaders ahead of time even without your presence in the group.