How to Learn from the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ

Learning how to accurately and effectively teach the Bible to others comprises one of the most essential elements of Christian living. Jesus taught with perfect accuracy and effectiveness. Studying the Master Teacher, Jesus, provides us with the finest instruction in all the world on how to teach others. This Guide provides direction on how to find an excellent course to teach your church on the subject of Jesus as the Master Teacher.

Of all the disciplines taught in the New Testament for the spiritual growth of Christians, none are more important than the discipline of learning. Even in the secular world, every employer wants workers that are “teachable”. Christians are blessed to have the greatest teacher of all history as their own Master Teacher—Jesus Christ.

His methods, educational philosophy, content, and procedures consist of the finest models of teaching ever developed. Throughout his ministry, Jesus emphasized learning. He taught to change the mind, spiritual heart, and abilities of every person who touched his life. If teaching and learning were so important to Jesus, they ought to be as important to us, as well.

Formal training in the faith, daily personal devotionals, our own family learning times, Bible study with our church family, and learning through the experiences of living out our faith in the world—are not options for the Christian. All these learning experiences present to us serious privileges and obligations entrusted to every child of God.

Way back in 1946, Dr. John Milburn (J. M.) Price wrote a brief and simple study of Jesus as the Master Teacher. In 1954, he updated the book, by then known as Jesus the Teacher. Since that time, the publisher, Lifeway Christian Resources has published several new editions. It is now out of print and unavailable from Lifeway.

However, though decidedly dated in style (and some of its content assumptions), it remains one of the pre-eminent written theologies of teaching and learning written by and for Christians in modern history. The small book is surprisingly easy to read and study, individually or as a group. We highly recommend that every home church obtain copies of this book and use it to study the methods that Jesus used to teach people the way to the Father. Since Lifeway Publishers continue to hold the copyright to the book, it cannot yet be made available online. Each church will need to locate sources where used copies can be purchased.,, and many other sites offer direct connections to sources of this book. and other similar sites contain lists of many websites where you can find this book. Our listing of the above sites does not consist of a recommendation of these websites. However, they serve as useful beginning places for finding used Christian books available for sale.

By inserting the words “Used Christian books” into Google or other Internet search engines, one can access many available sources and lists of sources for Jesus the Teacher.