Biblical Teaching 9

The passages of Scripture found in Genesis 12-50 teach us so much more than the story of the early Hebrew families down through the life of Joseph. These chapters are so rich in the stuff of human life, we will also see ourselves and our families. Although the scriptures in Genesis 12—50 are indeed about Abraham’s family, we will find that they also are about our families. Our families, too, are characterized by tangled relationships, bad decisions, and wrong actions, as well as by indescribable joy and fulfilment. We do well to learn from the experiences of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph how to live in such families.

Unit 25: Israel’s First Family

Unit 26: The Next Generations

Genesis 24:34-51, 58-67
Genesis 28:10-22; 32:24-31; 35:9-15
Genesis 28:10-22; 32:24-31; 35:9-15

Unit 27: Dreams and Accomplishments

Unit 28: The Next Generations

Genesis 41:15-16, 25-45, 53-57
Genesis 42:6-8; 44:14-34; 45:1-5
Genesis 45:4-15; 50:15-21