Biblical Teaching 3

The document called “The Acts of the Apostles” may also appropriately be named “The Beginning of the Churches”, or “A Study of the Growth and Extension of the Kingdom” or a dozen other titles. By whatever name, Acts serves to light the path that those first committed to following our Lord Jesus Christ took to share the Gospel and to learn to organize and function as churches in God’s Kingdom. Most importantly, Acts tells us how those earliest Christians learned to accept and live out the remarkable concept that salvation in Christ, the Promise of the Kingdom, and united fellowship in our Lord is for every person on earth without regard to race, gender, social status, or any other fact of life.

These Bible study and worship sessions will do much to lead your church to share in this joy of discovery and application for today’s world.

Unit 7: Who? Us?

Unit 8: Crossing Barriers for Christ

Unit 9: How-to Lessons for Christian Living