Biblical Teaching 17

What kind of God do you believe in? Critics of religion sometimes charge that religious people believe in a God created in their own image, a God they have fashioned to satisfy their desires. When the prophet Amos looked at the religion of the people of Israel in the mid-eighth century BC, he saw much in the culture of his day that indicated that the god the people of Israel worshiped was not the true God. The people were greedy for luxury, prejudiced against the poor, and hungry for power. Thus they worshiped a god who did not mind whether they lived that way as long as they paid him proper homage in regular, beautiful worship services. The Book of Amos is about the roaring of the true God against his people—God's own people. How do you think the God of Amos would relate to you and your culture? The idea that God may be against us because of our sins has never been popular, and today is no exception. These five sessions will teach you much about God’s judgment and God’s hope.

Unit 44: Judgment and Hope