Biblical Teaching 15

These four sessions are intended help us pay attention to God's message of judgment on the people of Judah because of their unfaithfulness to him. The first session deals with Jeremiah's call (Jeremiah 1). The second considers one of the most famous passages in the Book of Jeremiah, often referred to as Jeremiah's temple sermon (Jeremiah7:1-15). Jeremiah pulled no punches in this sermon. The third session focuses on Jeremiah's delivering God's message of warning to the nation's governmental and religious leaders (22:1-5, 13-17; 23:9-18). The fourth session is set in the time when the nation was only months from being conquered. It contrasts the courageous faithfulness of Jeremiah and the weakness of King Zedekiah (37:1-2, 6-17; 38:14-23).

Unit 38: God's Message of Judgment

Unit 39: Isaiah's Servant Songs